Artisan Insurance

Specialized contractors in south-central Texas have special insurance needs. Whether you’re a roofer in Balcones Heights, an electrician in Boerne, a framer in Devine, a sprinkler fitter in San Antonio, or a plumber in Pleasanton, your liability risks are higher than that of a general contractor. The same is true for carpenters, masons, mechanics, and other craftsmen.

Texas has strict laws governing the insurance liability of artisans. Artisan contractors in Texas face more stringent penalties for mistakes than their colleagues in forty other states. That’s why Toubin Insurance offers artisan insurance to cover your professional liability. Headquartered in San Antonio, Toubin Insurance has been serving south-central Texas business owners since 1983. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and proudly hold an A+ rating. We know the south-central Texas area, and we understand the particular insurance needs of artisans like you.

Assuming Liability in San Antonio, Pleasanton, Balcones Heights, Devine, & Boerne

Workers Comp InsuranceAs subcontractors to general contractors, artisans often accept the liability for anything that goes wrong during their part of a construction job. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a subcontractor on a residential job in Pleasanton or a commercial job in Balcones Heights. The specialized, highly technical work you do is subject to more scrutiny and legal liability than the work done by a general contractor. Artisan insurance covers defects in workmanship. It will also pay out in cases where someone is injured or has their property damaged due to a mistake made on the job.

Sometimes, when there’s a large group of artisans and contractors working on the same job, a homeowner or business owner may decide to sue the entire group of workers for a mistake made by a single artisan. Artisan insurance will protect you in cases where another artisan makes a mistake, so you can continue working in Devine, Boerne, and surrounding areas in south-central Texas. 

Toubin Insurance: Covering All Your Business Needs in the Greater San Antonio Area

 Artisan insurance covers your work in a construction project. However, it is only used to indemnify you for liability. It won’t cover your company cars or trucks, your office area, your heavy machinery, or your construction supplies. Fortunately, Toubin Insurance writes Commercial Property policies to protect your business’s buildings, equipment, inventory, and company vehicles—whether they’re located in Devine, Boerne, Pleasanton, Balcones Heights, San Antonio, or other nearby cities. Our General Liability insurance will guard your business against claims of injuries or damages incurred on company property. A comprehensive Business Owner Policy can combine these benefits into a single package for owners of small- and medium-sized businesses. A Commercial Umbrella insurance policy from Toubin will extend your coverage and keep you safe from the storms caused by excessive claims. For the best artisan liability coverage, as well as additional commercial policies to meet all your business needs, contact Toubin Insurance at (210) 340-2293 today.