For employers in south-central Texas, one of the biggest challenges is finding an employee benefits package that supports your staff while staying budget-friendly. With more than three decades in the insurance business, Toubin Insurance Agency has the knowledge and experience to supply affordable employee benefits for your staff and their families, along with the top-notch plan management that customers have come to expect from Toubin.Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance for Your Employees in the Texas Triangle

No one wants to see their employees hurt, especially not while they’re on the clock. Whether you run a roadworks crew in Boerne or a bakery in Balcones Heights, there’s always the possibility that one of your employees could be injured on the job. Toubin Insurance Agency offers workers comp plans for employers in Devine, Pleasanton, and San Antonio, whether they run a restaurant, an office, or a long-haul trucking company. No matter how safe your workplace seems, accidents do happen—and you want to be prepared with comprehensive workers comp coverage that will care for your employees’ needs while protecting your company from complicated and costly claims. Toubin Insurance Agency will find the workers comp insurance that benefits both you and your employees, while remaining cost-effective for your company.

Group Health Insurance for Your Greater San Antonio Business

  Group Health InsuranceCovering accidents and injuries with workers comp insurance is critical but keeping your employees healthy in the long term is just as important. Toubin Insurance recognizes that group health insurance is vital for workers everywhere, from Boerne to Pleasanton, Devine to Balcones Heights.

We also understand that all businesses were not created alike, which is why we offer a variety of plans, including HMO & PPO options. If you’re a small business with fewer than 25 full-time employees and can cover half of the premiums for your staff’s health care, you may qualify for the federal Small Business Health Options (SHOP) program. Toubin’s skilled agents will work with you to find the plan that’s best for both you and your employees.

Employee Benefits from a Reliable San Antonio Insurance Agency

 At Toubin Insurance Agency, we understand that your employees will need many kinds of benefits in different phases of their lives. That’s why Toubin agents are trained to design the perfect combination of coverage for your business’s needs…whether you run a temp agency in Devine, a hair salon in Balcones Heights, a plant nursery in Pleasanton, or a nursery school in Boerne. In addition to group health insurance, Toubin Insurance Agency can find you the best group policies for life, disability, dental and vision, and long-term care. We also help your employees budget their bucks with flexible Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Maybe your employees want to pick and choose extended coverage options. Toubin can set up a range of voluntary benefits, like critical care insurance or identity theft insurance, for employees to purchase as needed. And Toubin’s world-class customer care will help you through choosing and implementing coverage plans, as well as managing policy renewal and dealing with insurance for new or separated employees.

With Toubin Insurance Agency, you get the whole package—the host of employee benefits you want at the prices you need, with agents who support you every step of the way.