Trucking insurance, one of the most crucial commercial insurance, is a must even if you own just one truck. Unfortunately, the common auto insurance policies do not cover commercial trucks, and that is exactly why you should invest in commercial truck insurance to stay protected at all times. Misfortune does not announce its arrival and hence, you must always be prepared. Imagine tipping over in the middle of the highway, spilling cargo everywhere. All of a sudden your ordinary day turns into your most dreadful nightmare. To help save you from these unforeseen circumstances, we at Toubin Insurance Agency can provide you with the perfect insurance plan for your commercial trucks. We offer the best coverage options from eminent insurance carriers in the country at the most competitive rates. So, if you need such services in or around locations like Balcones Heights, Boerne, Devine TX, Pleasanton TX or San Antonio, then we can answer all your queries and provide with all the necessary solutions. For more than 35 years, our skilled employees have been successful in providing not only the suitable insurance plans, but also step-by-step guidance to all our clients.

Commercial Truck Insurance in Boerne, Pleasanton TX, San Antonio Here are two reasons why commercial truck insurance is vital:

  1. Protects Cargo

When you are out on the road making a trip, chances are that you are carrying precious cargo. So, in order to avoid damaging your cargo in addition to your truck, you should purchase trucking insurance. On top of everything, you do not want to end up getting blamed for losing all the cargo or damaging it during the accident. Owning truck and cargo insurance helps provide confidence to consumers who can rest assured that their cargo is in responsible hands.

  1. Physical Damage Protection

Since this insurance covers collisions and physical damages, it will help you cover at least part of the repair cost. Since commercial trucks are a sizeable entity on the road, you are bound to experience collisions here and there. So, it is always better to stay secured with trucking insurance.

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