Every business owner strives to make their company achieve the utmost level of perfection. However, it goes without saying that mistakes can befall anytime and anywhere. It does not matter how prepared you were, if you are not insured adequately, accidents can result in huge physical damages and end up tarnishing the name of your company. In case you provide repairing services, then you should all the more invest in a good insurance. If you want to be protected from liability, then you must get artisan insurance. When you start work on someone’s property, be it residential or commercial, there is always an inherent risk factor involved. In case something unfortunate happens, you will be liable to compensate for that loss. This is exactly what an artisan’s insurance covers. Hence, if you are a practical business owner and reside in areas like Balcones Heights, Boerne, Devine TX, Pleasanton TX, San Antonio or the nearby areas, then we at Toubin Insurance Agency can help you. We offer stand-alone as well as customized insurance packages, providing the right coverage for every unique financial requirement.

Artisan Insurance in Boerne, Devine TX, Pleasanton TX, San Antonio

But before that, here are two things you must know about artisan insurance:

  • Only Covers Liability:

Artisan insurance is strictly a liability insurance. Thus, it does not cover aspects like your commercial office space, office supplies, etc. for which you need to purchase a separate insurance. Artisan insurance will only cover for the mistakes or damages committed by you during business hours.

  • Protects Every Employee:

Even if a single person makes a mistake, your whole team working on the project can be held responsible. To avoid any hefty financial liability resulting from a physical or bodily injury committed by your coworkers, opting for artisan insurance can be your best bet. Thus, you will stay not only protected from your own mistakes but also those made by others on the scene.

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