On the San Antonio side of the Texas Triangle, one insurance agency stands out for its knowledge, experience, and commitment to customers: Toubin Insurance Agency. In business since 1983, Toubin Insurance helps homeowners find the most comprehensive and affordable insurance in the area.

Homeowners Insurance in Balcones Heights, Boerne, Devine, & Surrounding Cities

Homeowners Insurance

Our houses are not just a property investment—they’re our castles, our cottages, our hearths, and our homes. We all want to feel safe and protected in our homes, but protection goes beyond a sturdy fence or a solid deadbolt lock. For the ravages of fire, wind, hail, or other “acts of God” in Devine, or the unpleasantness of theft in Pleasanton, Toubin Insurance Agency offers basic homeowners insurance coverage that will pay for your losses. Since San Antonio-area homeowners often face flash flooding, consider pairing your homeowners insurance with affordable flood insurance from Toubin Insurance Agency. We’ll cover you for flood damage in case the waters rise in Balcones Heights or Boerne.

Car & Truck Insurance for San Antonio Motorists

If you live in Devine, but work in downtown San Antonio, you rack up a lot of miles on the highway. Covering your commute with appropriate car or truck insurance is essential, and Toubin Insurance Agency has the policy that’s right for you. If you take your truck from Pleasanton to San Antonio three times a day, Toubin can write the most economical truck insurance policy to protect you against collisions, uninsured motorists, and other hazards on I-37. And for telecommuters in Balcones Heights who only attend monthly meetings at their company’s Boerne headquarters, we can tailor your car insurance, so you won’t be paying for coverage you don’t need.

Umbrella Insurance to Cover Other Contingencies in Pleasanton, Devine, & Neighboring Areas

Group Health Insurance

Toubin’s homeowners insurance and car insurance policies will cover almost any normal contingency, at home or on the road. But for extraordinary incidents in Boerne or San Antonio—or claims that exceed the homeowners or car insurance coverage you have in Balcones Heights—you need an umbrella insurance policy from Toubin.

Umbrella insurance is surprisingly affordable, and its broad coverage can fill insurance gaps. Toubin Insurance Agency can write you an umbrella insurance policy that will guard you against unusual claims, such as:

  • Libel or slander
  • Bodily injuries incurred by someone else on your property
  • Property damage caused by you or a member of your household…including some pets.

Umbrella insurance also raises the amount of coverage you carry. So, if the coverage limit of your homeowners insurance is $250,000, and your visiting neighbor sues you for $500,000 after he breaks his arm tripping over your dog’s chew toy, your umbrella policy can protect you and your financial assets.

Ask your Toubin Insurance agent about writing a custom umbrella policy. We’ll be happy to find exactly the coverage you need, at the best price available. Call us today at (210) 340-2293, or drop us a line at info@toubininsurance.com. You’ll see why so many homeowners depend on Toubin Insurance Agency.